The Best Metal Detecting Digging Tools in 2022

Having the right equipment when metal detecting is a must.

Having the correct digging tools can be the difference between a good and a bad day in the field.

This list of the best metal detecting digging tools in 2022 will hopefully help you find the right digging tool for you.

Locating the find with your metal detector is just half of the struggle, digging and recovering the target is the other half.

You’ll find lots of people have different opinions on the best metal detecting digging tool on the market and I guess its all about personal preference. That, and of course your budget.

Don’t worry though there’s a digging tool out there for every type of detectorist and one for even the smallest of budgets.

In this post I will list the different type of digging tools and their benefits, along with a choice if you’re working with a budget.

You’re going to want to ask yourself some questions before choosing the right digging tool for you, such as “where are you going to be metal detecting?” (best places to go metal detecting)  “Is the tool suitable for your height?”  “Do you have any other specific needs from your tool?”

Once you’ve had a little think about these things then check out the list of the best metal detecting digging tools below!

Best Metal Detecting Spades & Shovels

A spade or shovel for metal detecting may seem like an easy choice but believe it or not some just will not do.

I personally haven’t spent a great deal on a shovel because my preference comes in the smaller budget range.

Consider before choosing your spade or shovel your height and the type of ground you’re going to be digging.

There are spades out there specifically designed for metal detecting, these are obviously priced a little higher.

Pro Detector Anaconda Shovel

The Pro Detector Anaconda Shovel is the ultimate shovel in the world of metal detecting.

It measures 36 inches and is crafted from tempered steel and heat treated for extra strength.

The head itself of the shovel features a double edged serrated blade which will glide through the toughest of ground making life much easier.

Either side are two foot pegs which both have a tooth like edge to make them non-slip.

Its a great digging tool if you suffer with back problems as the Pro Detector Anaconda Shovel allows you to keep your back straight when digging the plug.

It’s perhaps a bit on the heavy side but overall a beast of a digging tool. If you’ve got the budget it won’t let you down.

Pro Detector Anaconda Shovel 

- Powder Coated Tempered Steel
- Foot Pegs
- Double Serrated Edge
- Made in the USA

Radius Root Slayer Mini-Shovel

For me the mini-shovels are my go-to spade when metal detecting. I’ve always found them much easier to handle.

The Radius Root slayer has taken the standard mini-shovels and added what can only be described as power.

Regardless of where you’re digging the root slayer mini-shove will glide through the ground making life a hell of a lot easier.

It features a double serrated carbon steel V shaped head, carbon steel shaft and a nice fibre glass handle.

Its just 29 inches in length and is a favorite in the metal detecting world.

Easy to carry around with you, easy to use and will make life much easier.

Radius Root Slayer Mini-Shovel

- Lightweight, versatile and portable
- V Shaped, double serrated cutting tip
- Carbon steel blade and shaft.
- Non-latex grips for easier handling

D Handled Mini Shovel (cheapest low budget option)

If you’re working with a tight budget then a standard mini shovel will suffice.

I much prefer D handled mini-shovels as they just feel more comfortable when using them in the field.

There isn’t a specific brand that I would recommend for the mini-shovels, just be sure to read the reviews before purchasing one.

Tabor D Handled Mini Shovel

- Lightweight, versatile and portable
- V Shaped, double serrated cutting tip
- Carbon steel blade and shaft.
- Non-latex grips for easier handling

Best Metal Detecting Knives & Trowels

I personally don’t use a trowel or knife anymore, mainly because of all the land I have got there isn’t really a need.

They are however popular among detectorists and can help keep holes neat. The also make life a little easier at times.

If you’re land permissions are full of rocks etc then its worth noting that the detecting trowels could go blunt pretty fast so you’ll need to keep them sharpened.

Choosing the best metal detecting trowel or knife can be a tough decision, there are lots available and some are much better than others.

They are super portable and can be attached to your tool belt if you wear one while out detecting.

Just remember to check that its legal for you to carry the tool you choose, in some places the metal detecting knifes or trowels could be considered a weapon.

Garrett Edge Digger

Made by, probably the worlds famous metal detecting brand Garrett, the Garrett Edge digger is one of the most popular choices for metal detecting trowels and knifes.

Garretts digging tool is perfect for cutting grass and sod, it will allow you to keep your holes very small and very tidy.

You’re also going to find it much easier if you hit a root in the ground, this thing with its serrated blade will cut through roots like butter.

Garrett Edge Digger

- Comes with handy belt mount
- Made from strengthened carbon steel
- 12 inch total length
- Cutting edge teeth on the blade

Leche Serrated Digging Tool

Leche got a big name in the detecting game when they first launched their metal detecting digging tools, these included a range of shovels and trowels.

Since then they’ve kept up the pace with the popularity and many detectorists will swear by their products.

This particular tool comes with the free codura belt and sheath to make it easier to carry around while out detecting.

The Leche digging tools measures 12 inches long and is crafted from chrome-moly steel, with an easy grip rubber handle complete with guard plate.

Lots of positive reviews so you can’t go wrong really!


Leche Serrated Digging Tool

- Comes with handy belt mount
- Made from strengthened carbon steel
- 12 inch total length
- Cutting edge teeth on the blade

Radius Root Slayer Trowel (cheapest low budget option)

Part of the Radius Root slayer line of tools, we featured the shovel in the range previously, the root slayer trowel is just as popular with metal detectorists all over the world.

Obviously designed for gardening, Radius created a budget line of tools that kept up with the more expensive brands.

In fact its one of the most popular products in its respective category over on Amazon.

The Radius Root Slayer Trowel is a great bit of kit for detectorists working with a budget and will allow you to cut the perfect plug with minimal effort. It also obviously keeps your holes nice and tidy.

To be honest its more of a “hand shovel” than trowel so it allows you to pull out more soil when needed.

Crafted from powder coated carbon steel, pre-sharpened for the perfect cutting edge.

Its the most comfortable of the three metal detecting trowels due to the non latex thermoplastic grip.

Radius Root Slayer Trowel

- Comes with handy belt mount
- 2 dozen ripsaw teeth
- Powder coated carbon steel blade
- Inverted V shape cutting tip


Metal detecting digging tools are really a matter of preference, you’ll find many different opinions out there with seasoned detectorists on what they believe is the best digging tool for metal detecting.

I personally find that the cheaper option of a short round head shovel is more suitable for me, I’m only 5 foot 5 so the short tool works perfect.

So in my opinion the best metal detecting digging tool for performance and value for money is the D handled mine shovel.

You’re probably going to want to try a few digging tools out to find what works best for you personally, it all depends on your height, strength, the type of ground you’re digging and many more factors.

What’s most important though is that if you’re just starting out as a beginner metal detectorist then you can buy a digging tool for a small amount of money just to get you started, then you can upgrade as and when you can afford to or need to.

Each and every year a new metal detecting tool is released and makes a buzz around the metal detecting community, much like fashion. So you’ll find yourself wanting the latest and best metal detecting digging tool on the market at the time!

Some people will even go as far as modifying their digging tools for even better performance, this can include sharpening the blade, adjusting the height, adding features like a serrated edge and more.

Don’t spend too much time stuck at home trying to figure it all out, the best way is to get out detecting and try them all for yourself!

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