What Clothes Should I Wear For Metal Detecting?

When heading out metal detecting you’re going to want to make you go dressed in the right gear!

Believe me what you wear can make the difference between a good and bad day.

Obviously the weather is going to have a great deal of influence in your choice of metal detecting attire.

You’ve probably heard stories of people wearing steel toe capped boots when starting out in the hobby and the metal detector going off every few seconds with nothing there….Yes I am one of those people.

When I first began that’s exactly what I did, wore steel toe capped boots. That and forgot to take of my silver ring. Add that to my spade breaking and it’s safe to say my first day was terrible.

So when heading off out you want to be as comfortable as possible in what you wear, ready for a pleasurable day of metal detecting.

Contrary to what you see in the metal detecting community, camouflage clothing is not mandatory!


So what you wear on your feet could mean the difference between a good and bad day.

I stupidly when I first started put on my steel toe cap boots and couldn’t work out why I spent all day digging “ghost signals” It was of course the steel in the end of the boots when I brushed over them with the detector.

Believe me the steel in your boots gives of a tremendous signal and gets you very excited.

So what should you wear on your feet while metal detecting?

You’re going to want to either wear waterproof hiking boots or wellington boots.

Again what you should wear will very much depend on where you’re metal detecting, over here in the UK you may spend a lot of time in a ploughed field so wellingtons would be your best option.

If you’re beach detecting or in a pasture field then hiking boots will be perfect.

Rocky terrain? Hiking boots again.


Make sure you choose a comfortable, loose fitting pair of pants/trousers.

You could probably also go for some with side pockets and make sure you’ve got belt attachments these will come in handy for clipping on your finds bag or your pin-pointer holder.

I have no idea why in the UK lots of people opt for full camo, but it’s a thing.

Consider your environment, is it hot, is it cold, is it likely to be wet.

Then choose accordingly, there are many types of trousers/pants available.


Any loose fitting comfortable Tee will do! There’s many available with metal detecting slogans and brands if you want to take the hobby to the next level.


If you’re in a warm environment you’ll likely want to give the jacket a miss, you’ll end up taking it off and then having to carry it around with you.

You’re only going to want a jacket if its cold or wet.

Look for one that’s waterproof, windproof and warm if you’re somewhere cold.

You can also get ones with many pockets, these will come in handy.


I’d highly recommend in the summer wearing a baseball cap, the peak will keep the sun from your eyes so you can better see what you are doing and it will also offer a tiny bit of shade to your face helping keeping you cooler.

In the winter though I’ve found a great pullover hat that is great for keeping you warm and helping you see when it gets a little dark. You can even get one with a flashlight attached!


No I don’t mean put on your lucky underwear. Although I’m sure many are superstitious enough to do so.

You’re going to want to wear underwear that is comfortable and doesn’t chase.

I’d recommend if you’re somewhere cold wearing comfortable thermal socks.


Gloves are a matter of preference, it all depends on where you live and the weather and how soft your hands are.

When I first started out metal detecting I came home with blisters, so to begin with if you’ve got soft hands I’d recommend wearing some gardening gloves just for protection really.

If you live in a cold climate they will save your hands from freezing up and prevent you from losing mobility.

Knee pads

I’ve never actually worn knee pads while out metal detecting, but I have been told they will make the day much more comfortable.

I personally find them a little intrusive to your mobility.

That being said, you’ll spend a lot of time on your knees next to your hole, looking for your finds.

Kneepads could potentially save you some pain on the day!


To summarise the post and what you should wear while metal detecting…

Loose fitting, comfortable clothing that is rugged and suits the environment you are in.

Camouflage isn’t mandatory.

Look for extra pockets, you can never have enough.

Don’t wear steel toe caps.

Gloves and kneepads may prevent blisters on your hands, and sore knees.

Here’s some ideas for you!

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