The Dangers Of Magnet Fishing & How To Stay Safe

Magnet Fishing is a fantastic hobby but it can be dangerous and has many risks.

There have been many accidents in the hobby and at least one that I can think of that has led to death.

It doesn’t matter where you are magnet fishing dangers are always present, in each of the best places to go magnet fishing we mentioned there are risks that you should be aware of.

Staying safe while magnet fishing should be your main priority.

In this post I’m going to talk more about the real dangers of magnet fishing along with some very useful safety tips to ensure you don’t come to harm.

Mostly, the points I mention are common sense and you should be applying these safety precautions already and if you’re not, then please start doing so!

Magnet Fishing Dangers


The biggest risk you’re going to face when magnet fishing is the danger of drowning.

Obviously you’re not going to be actually in the water when you go magnet fishing, but whenever you’re near a body of water there’s always that risk that you could fall in.

A few years ago there was a tragic story of a 43 year old man and his 19 year old son who both drown while magnet fishing, so the potential risk is very much real.

Water can be very much unpredictable which makes it all the more dangerous.

How to avoid drowning while magnet fishing

  1. Be cautious and aware of your surroundings before you start, make sure that there are no tripping points, stay away from steep edges, slippery surfaces etc carry out a full risk assessment before you begin.
  2.  When possible always go with a friend, this will increase your safety straight away.
  3. Anchor yourself to something stable, by tying yourself for example to a railing you will eliminate the risk of falling in the water should you slip.
  4. Always wear safety footwear with the maximum amount of grip to avoid unnecessary slips.
  5. Should your magnet become tangled in the water DO NOT get in to retrieve it. There are many ways to recover a tangled magnet, but getting in the water is not one of them!
  6. Wear a life jacket or floatation device.


There’s a few ways you face the danger of picking up an infection while magnet fishing.

Some bodies of water contain harmful bacteria’s and in turn can cause diseases and infections such as Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis) , Legionnaires disease, E-coli and many more.

If you cut yourself on a rusty piece of metal you could also be at risk of contracting tetanus.

How to avoid picking up an infection while magnet fishing

  1. Put on some latex gloves and then some safety gloves over the top.
  2. Keep your hands away from your mouth and face. If you’re having something to eat or drink while out magnet fishing then make sure you wash your hands thoroughly beforehand. Take some alcohol gel with you.
  3. After you’ve finished for the day and got home, remove your clothes before going inside the house, straight away take a hot shower and wash thoroughly, make sure all of the clothes are put on a hot wash.


Cuts are a real risk when magnet fishing, not only do you face the danger of the cut itself but you could pick up an infection as previously mentioned.

Often the metal items that you pull out with your magnet will have spent years corroding in the water and could have become sharp, or could just be sharp naturally. Knives are a very common item pulled from the water.

Not only do you run the risk of being cut by these items when handling or trying to separate from the magnet but the cut itself could become infected leading to nasty infections like tetanus.

How to avoid the dangers of cuts while magnet fishing

  1. Wear cut resistant gloves.
  2. Take a first aid kit with you.
  3. Be mindful of the objects you are pulling out with your magnet, ensure you handle them properly.

Broken Bones & Injury

The magnets that you will be using are very powerful, this means they can be pretty unpredictable and slam shut against metal. Imagine if your fingers are in the way?

You face the real risk of slips, trips and falls too when out magnet fishing.

There are hundreds of ways you could get injured or break bones when out magnet fishing.

How to decrease the risk of broken bones & injury when magnet fishing

  1. Carry out a risk assessment of the area you will be magnet fishing, be very mindful of tripping points, the ground beneath your feet, obstacles in the way.
  2. Respect the power of your magnet.
  3. Don’t take unnecessary risks when trying to recover items or your magnet.


If you’ve followed magnet fishing groups on Facebook where people share their finds, you’ll be aware that one of the most common finds are weapons.

Weapons ranging from knives, guns, ammo and even bombs.

There are so many dangers when handling weapons, especially weapons that have been in the water for many years.

What to do if you recover a weapon while magnet fishing

  1. Analyse the type of weapon you are recovering from the water.
  2. Wear safety gloves, preferably cut proof gloves.
  3. Ensure you have a first aid kit with you.
  4. Don’t handle guns, ammo or bombs. Report these straight away to the correct local authority.



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