Best Magnets & Kits For Magnet Fishing – Buyers Guide 2022

Your success while magnet fishing is going to depend highly on the magnet and kit you are using, along with other factors of course, such as location.

This guide to the best magnet fishing magnets & best magnet fishing kits will give you some knowledge and information to help you choose the best for you.

Neodymium magnets are ultimately the strongest and most reliable magnets you can buy for magnet fishing. Also known as rare earth magnets, these permanent magnets are high performance and durable. They are made up of iron, boron and neodymium. Do NOT buy a ferrite magnet for magnet fishing, only ever consider a neodymium magnet.

Before you rush out and purchase your first magnet there’s a couple of things you need to know more about. These are the different types of magnet and “pulling strength”

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Types of magnet

Due to the popularity of the magnet fishing hobby, manufacturers have been creating different types of magnets to improve performance and effectively help you reel in more goodies! The designs have been tested and tweaked to enhance the performance of the magnets.

So whereas a few years ago the process of buying a magnet was straightforward with only a couple of options, now can be a little daunting with many different types to choose from.

They can be categorized though more simply, as we’ve done here:

Top Mounted Eyebolt

Top Mounted Eyebolt Magnet For Magnet Fishing

A standard type magnet, flat in shape, at the top there is the eyebolt (for fixing the rope) and beneath is a flat neodymium magnet.

Double Sided Magnet

Double Sided Magnet For Magnet Fishing

On a double sided magnet the eyebolt can usually be found on the side of the magnet, but it can be moved to to the top, both the bottom and top surface have a separate magnet.

Double sided magnets are better for dragging across the bed of the body of water you are magnet fishing in.


Cone Shaped Magnet For Magnet Fishing

Cone shaped magnets have been specifically designed for magnet fishing, they are perfect for beginners.

When “brute magnetics” created the cone shaped magnet they had designed it in such a way that it has less chance of being caught in the reeds, weeds and other snags.

You can also get a cone shaped magnet with a high-vis plastic cover on allowing you to see it better in clear waters.

Pulling Strength

When choosing your magnet, you really need to take into consideration the pulling strength of the magnet.

You don’t want to be catching on to items in the water that you stand no chance of pulling out.

So consider the size and weight of the items you will be able to recover and then choose your magnets accordingly.

A good rule of thumb when taking the pulling strength into consideration is to think of the weight of items you will be comfortable pulling out of the water then multiply this by 3.

Lots of people out there dive straight in to buying a magnet and opt for the strongest most powerful magnets available and believe me some of these have crazy power.

But if you are magnet fishing alone, which we don’t advise when considering the dangers of magnet fishing, then you could end up catching on to items that you have no chance of recovering.

There are of course ways to recover heavy objects alone, such as using a winch, however if you are a beginner then you should stick to choosing a magnet with a pulling strength that you are comfortable with.

Best Magnets for Magnet Fishing in 2022

Over the past few years the hobby really has exploded and since then there are a few manufacturers who have really established themselves, to name a few to look out for: Brute Magnetics, MAG Gear, Wukong, UOLOR, DIYMAG and Findmag.

I’m not going to over complicate this section or overwhelm you with choices.

So these are in my opinion the 3 best magnets for magnet fishing:

Brute Magnetics 1700lb Double Sided Magnet

Brute Magnetics 1700lb Double Sided Magnet


-  1700lb Of Pull Power 
- Free Threadlocker 
- 2 Eyebolts which can be moved
- High Quality Rust Protection Coating

My personal favorite, I find that of all of the brands I’ve mentioned in this post that Brute Magnetics have always given the best performance and have been the best quality.

The Brute Magnetics 1700lb double sided magnet performs great and has lasted me over a year so far and is still in great condition.

Due to the double sided magnets, it’s not going to matter how the magnet is pulled through the water as you’ve covered each side with 850lbs of pure pulling power.

If you subsequently buy this magnet it’s not the cheapest, however, you can be sure that you will get the exact specifications that are claimed, unlike cheaper brands.

Oh and they throw in some free threadlock too!

Brute Magnetics 375lb Cone Shaped Magnet

Brute Magnetics 375lb Cone Magnet


- Designed for magnet fishing
- 375lb pull power
- Nickel plated solid steel
- Cone shape minimizes snag risks

Brute magnetics are the leading supplier of magnets specifically designed for magnet fishing.

As I mentioned above, they always deliver the exact specs they claim unlike other magnet brands.

The cone shape design is completely unique and has been designed in such a way that it minimises the risk of your magnet getting snagged in the water.

This makes it a great choice for beginners, or for magnet fishing in bodies of water that have lots of snagging hazards, weeds etc

Brute Magnetics 3600lb Double Sided Magnet

Brute Magnetics 3600lb Double Sided Magnet


- Insane Combined 3600lb Of Pull Power 
- Free Threadlocker 
- 2 Eyebolts which can be moved
- High Quality Rust Protection Coating

This double sided magnet from Brute Magnetics combines 2 very powerful magnets creating one of the most powerful magnets on the market today. 2 x 1800lb magnets come together to form a whopping 3600lbs of pull force.

I would not recommend this for a beginner or solo magnet fisher.

This is a big boy and will latch on to some really heavy items, so be sure you’ve got someone to help you or some kind of winch rig setup.

If you’re looking at trying to make money from magnet fishing by selling scrap then this would be a perfect choice.

DIYMAG 200lbs Magnet

DIYMAG 200lbs Magnet


- 200lbs (90kg) pull force
- Countersunk eyebolt
- Very Low Price
- Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Coated Rust Resistant

The DIYMAG 200lbs magnet is our go-to magnet choice for beginners working with a budget.

DIYMAG have built up a great reputation in the magnet fishing world by offering quality magnets that work well all at low cost prices.

Although they don’t offer the same quality of the likes of Brute, they do sell good magnets so if you’ve not got the money to invest then this should be a good starting magnet.

Best Rope For Magnet fishing

Another important part of success while magnet fishing is choosing the right magnet fishing rope.

You don’t want to catch on to something with your powerful magnet only to realise that your rope just won’t take the weight.

It then snaps and you lose not just the item you’ve found but your precious and somewhat expensive magnet.

So always check the strength of the rope and compare it to the strength of your magnet.

There are only two types of rope that I would recommend, One is paracord, and the other is polyester.

You’re also going to need a carabiner, this is used to secure the magnet to the rope and increases the break strength of the rope by a huge amount.

If you’re not purchasing a magnet fishing kit which comes complete with rope and you are buying all of the components needed individually then I highly recommend the following ropes:

Best Paracord Rope For Magnet Fishing

CMS Magnetics 550lb Paracord Rope


- 550lbs Paracord Rope x 50 Feet 

- Carabiner Included
- High Visibility Yellow
- Tangle Resistant

Best Polyester Rope For Magnet Fishing

Brute Magnetics 3840lb Braided Polyester Rope


- 100 Feet of 3840lb strength polyester 


- Carabiner Included
- Made By Brute Magnetics
- Rot & UV Fading Resistant

Best Magnet Fishing Kits

If you’re a beginner starting out in magnet fishing and you don’t want to confuse yourself with choices, you just simply want to get out there and start.

Then a magnet fishing kit is a great option.

A magnet fishing kit is basically made up of the components you need to start magnet fishing.

These have been preselected and put together to make the process lots more straightforward.

Magnet fishing kits often come with a magnet, rope, threadlock and a case. Some kits can even include a grappling hook and some safety gloves.

Here’s 3 of the best magnet fishing kits I could find that are both value for money and quality.

Brute Magnetics Double Sided Magnet Kit

Brute Magnetics 1700lb Double Sided Magnet Kit


- 1700lbs double sided magnet 
- Threadlock
- Carabiner
- 1680 lbs - Double Braided Rope
- Safety Gloves

VNDUEEY 1000lbs Double Sided Magnet Fishing Kit

VNDUEEY 1000lb Magnet Fishing Kit


- 1000lbs double sided magnet 

- Includes Grappling Hook

- Threadlock
- Carabiner
- 1680 lbs - Double Braided Rope
- Safety Gloves

MAG Gear 1255lbs Double Sided Magnet Fishing Kit

MAG Gear 1255lb Magnet Fishing Kit


- 1255lbs double sided magnet 

- Threadlock
- Carabiner
- 65 Feet Nylon Rope
- Safety Gloves



What magnet is best for magnet fishing?

Of all the magnets we have tried and tested Brute magnetics we believe are the leading manufacturer of magnets for magnet fishing. This is because they specifically design their magnets for the hobby, optimising the performance.

In our opinion the 1700lb double sided neodymium magnet by Brute Magnetics is the best all round performing magnet for magnet fishing.

How strong does my magnet need to be for magnet fishing?

The strength of the magnet you need is going to be dependent on what you want to achieve while out magnet fishing. For a beginner we recommend something with less pull force to begin with.

If you have a friend that is coming with you or a rig set up to winch items from the water then you can opt for a magnet with a higher pull force.

Helpful Video

We found the below video on YouTube which explains magnets and the best magnets for magnet fishing fantastically.

Be sure to give the creator a follow.

Credit to video creator: BirdDogg


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