Do Treasure Maps Really Exist? Real Or Just Fiction?

Treasure Maps have been seen in many movies and featured in many treasure stories.

So it would be fair to say as per most movies and stories the inspiration must come from somewhere.

The questions still remains though – Do treasure maps really exist?

While it wouldn’t be a good idea to quit your day job to become a treasure hunter, treasure maps do really exist, just not in the way the movies have depicted.

That being said its still unsure whether the actual treasure does. We can still fantasise though right?

You’ll probably be most surprised to find out that Pirate treasure maps do not exist, although perhaps they are the most commonly talked of.

No evidence supports the discovery of any pirate maps. Ever. Which is pretty disappointing!

So how do we know treasure maps are real? Well you can check a couple of them out below.

Let’s take a look at some real treasure maps that have been found.

The Lue Treasure Map

The Lue Treasure Map

Perhaps one of the most discussed and infamous treasure maps is the Lue treasure map.

It is said to have been created by an avid Nazi supporter that resided in the USA at some point in his life.

Who also is believed to have had 100 tons of solid gold bullion bars buried at his property.

At some point the gold was smuggled in to the US by the Nazi’s with intentions of selling it on the US market, they believed that by doing so they could crash the economy. There sole purpose was to stop America from entering into WWII.

However, U.S intelligence had already discovered the plans of the Nazi’s and in retaliation the US passed the American Gold act (preventing Nazi’s from selling gold on the US Market)

So the story then has it that the Nazi’s tried to recover the gold with the plan of getting it back out of the US before they were caught, but that plan was also spoiled because the Nazi who initially buried the gold died along with the secrets of the map!

The FBI who were unsuccessful in decoding the map went on to leak it to the general public with the hope that collectively they could solve the Lue map mystery.

Karl Von Mueller a treasure hunter and author published the map in the 1960’s.

There are many theories and beliefs about the Lue Map, the main one being that it was created based on secrets of the Knight’s Templar.

These secrets, more specifically a coding system, apparently were discovered by the Nazi’s when they discovered a Templar stronghold and excavated the site near Renne le chateau.

The Lue map shows the search area of the Gold bullion cache site, but does not show the exact location and the area is 6 miles long!

Within this area a pyramid is said to be outlined by monuments, but even if this is discovered it still does not show you where in the pyramid area. This is where the theory then has it that the key is in the dollar bill.

This is not the first time that the American dollar has been depicted as a key or clue for treasure. In the National treasure movie this was also shown.

Still to this day the Lue treasure map remains unsolved and the gold bullion that the treasure map allegedly discloses also remains undiscovered.


Copper Scroll (Of the dead sea scrolls)

Real Copper Scroll Treasure Map

The copper scroll, the most famous of the dead sea scrolls that were found in the late 1940’s. It wasn’t until nearly 5 years later that the copper scroll was discovered!

These ancient Jewish scrolls were discovered in the desert just North of the dead sea in a set of caves known as the Qumran Caves.

I would go on to explain what was on the other dead sea scrolls but for today I’ll only talk about the Copper Scroll as when translated it lists various locations of Gold & Silver!

More specifically 64 locations of treasure! What a treasure map this is.

The copper scroll was named this, as it was made of copper (obviously) and is now on display at the Jordan Museum. To preserve it as the copper was so fine, the scroll had to be cut into strips.

It is believed that due to the large amount of Gold and Silver listed on the copper scroll (4600 pieces to be exact) that the value collectively could be as much as $1 billion! Yes one billion dollars (said in an Dr Evil voice)

All sounds great right? I mean what’s so difficult it lists the locations and the amount of treasure hidden there? Yet still remains undiscovered after one of the biggest treasure hunts in history!

Well the issue is there is no starting point. You’ve only got locations written like this:

In the cave of the old washers chamber, on the third terrace: sixty-five ingots of gold.

In the salt pit under the steps: 41 talents of silver.

So without having a clue as to where to start, it could quite literally be anywhere on Earth, if it wasn’t moved after, or even discovered? I mean they are 2000 years old.

Some archaeologists and historians do actually believe that the Romans could have looted it! 

But it doesn’t stop the dream does it? For many treasure hunters and archaeologists alike, its become a life’s work!

One of the main problems found when following clues and research for these archaeologists and treasure hunters is politics. Politics and permission! Permission to excavate is nearly impossible to get.

Where’s Indiana Jones when you need him?

One of the most famous treasure hunts for the Copper Scroll treasure was carried out by an archaeologist called John Allegro back in the early 60’s he believed he had discovered potential sites of the treasure. However nothing was ever found. 

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2 Comments Do Treasure Maps Really Exist? Real Or Just Fiction?

  1. Zeb masteller September 12, 2022 at 1:34 am

    I think i solved the lue map. It’s real to me and makes perfect since but don’t know if the treasure is still their or was. Maybe hideout for the war. Everyone believes it’s in the US he put it close to home in my research if his plans were to fail in wich they did they could rebuild and save their own economy after war.

    1. Treasure Steve September 15, 2022 at 1:02 pm

      That’s awesome Zeb! Fantastic theory and thanks very much for your comment 🙂


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