7 Beginners Tips When Searching For Ambergris (AKA Whale Vomit )

What is Ambergris?

An extraction of Ambergris called Ambrein is added to many expensive perfumes to help the scent last longer.

Ambergris is produced by Sperm Whales, as a form of vomit.

Yep, you heard right vomit and if you like finer more expensive perfumes there’s a good chance you’ve actually walked around unknowingly covered in whale vomit.

Sperm Whales primarily eat squid and cuttlefish, some of this diet can’t be digested. Ambergris is produced in the bile ducts and passed through the gastrointestinal tract to help ease the passing of the indigestible parts.

After the whales vomit out the Ambergris it solidifies and floats around in the ocean.

For many years us humans have been using it, with fossils dating ambergris to nearly 2 million years old.

How much is Ambergris Worth?

Well here’s the kicker. That Sperm Whale vomit could make you a millionaire.

There have been many stories of fisherman, walkers and beach combers finding it and becoming millionaires overnight.

With that being said kind of like precious stones there are contributing factors to its value such as color and quality.

Its hard to give an exact price per gram but its been known to sell for $35,000+ per KG (its been found in big heavy lumps up to 100kg)

Where to find Ambergris

Analysing the data and location of finds Thailand is said to be one of the best places to find Ambergris.

Primarily though if you’re going to find Ambergris, the Atlantic ocean and on the South African coast would be statistically the best place to search.

However, its been found worldwide and depending on where the ocean takes it could be found anywhere in the world.

Selling Ambergris

So here’s the sad part for those of you that reside in US or Australia. You can’t sell it. You can’t even take it home.

Under the endangered species act of 1973 it is illegal to possess or trade ambergris.

However in most other countries it is perfectly legal to sell a lump if you find it! These include EU countries, the UK

10 Beginners Tips When Searching For Ambergris

Learn how to identify Ambergris so you know what you are looking for.

If you’re out there searching for Ambergris you need to make sure you know exactly what you are looking for, its not easy to identify and could easily be mistaken for a rock. There are many pictures and videos available and I’d suggest you study them all. Check out our how to identify Ambergris post.

Research the areas that you are going to search beforehand.

Knowledge is power! Researching the areas that you are going to search beforehand could be invaluable.

Test your finds.

Its not just about being able to spot potential Ambergris, you’re going to need to learn how to test it too. There’s a good, reliable Ambergris test found in this post you can do from home

Search for other items you can sell.

The chances of finding Ambergris are very low but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money while on your Ambergris hunt. Keep your eyes peeled for rare sea shells, fossils, sea glass.

Check the laws local to you.

Before you head out to your local beach in the search of Ambergris make sure you don’t have a wasted journey and check to see if its legal to possess and trade.

Don’t get disheartened.

I’m going to be honest, you’re chances of finding Ambergris are so rare but that’s not me saying you can’t and you wont. It has been found before. That being said, try not to get your hopes up and don’t get disheartened when you come home empty handed. Think of the exercise, the views and the fresh air. Or my next tip may help!

Incorporate your searching with another hobby.

You could incorporate your search for Ambergris with another hobby such as metal detecting or beach combing.

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